Following a nuclear holocaust, the World has become a wasteland and civilization has collapsed. The End of Days are here! - Can you escape the wasteland and make it to the safe zone? It will take all you’ve got. You must take on your greatest "RIVAL" to survive. 

 Trudeau Park in Tweed will again be hosting the annual Doomsday Dash this coming JUNE 17 & 18. The mission of The Doomsday Dash is to enable you to have the most exciting day of your life – period. This event is the ultimate opportunity to push your physical and mental limits, bond with your co-workers, friends and family, and just have an all-around great time. The year's theme will be about "RIVALS" of epic proportions and all the action will be at Ground Zero, Trudeau Park, Tweed. 

 On arrival, participants will immediately be Quarantined for their own good in our massive "Quarantine Zone", featuring pumping music blasting over the racecourse, Beer Gardens, and much more. Race heats will be run all day long among the Doomsday Dash "Apocalyptic Obstacles" unique to this event. The RIVAL course is Top Secret for now, but details will be breaking out soon right here on this site! All survivors of the race are welcome back to use all the services Trudeau Park is known for. It’s all here! Camping for the weekend is included in your race fee, just be sure to reserve a campsite/trailer site or book a room at the resort. The event will be filled with great music and much to do all day long!! 

 The Doomsday Dash is now in the process of creating many new partnerships to make this event the best of its kind. So come on out to be a spectator, participant or survivor of the End Of Days this coming JUNE 17 & 18 - 2017! 

So Run for Your Lives!
Run From Your Rival!

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