Doomsday Dash

A Few Ideas to Add to Your Quickly-Approaching Bucket List: 

1. Eat at your favorite restaurant again (or try that one that you have always been wondering about!)

2. Visit the beach and build the ultimate sand castle

3. Go to the animal shelter and give some of these cuddly pets some much needed attention

4. Ride a roller coaster/go skydiving/hold a snake/take a plane ride---conquer whatever fear you have!

5. Play hookie from work: use this day to do whatever you want

6. Run your fastest (or first!) 5K race...hint, hint...

7. Learning how to say "goodbye" in as many languages as possible so you can wish everyone well when the world ends. (Thanks Karissa K.!)

8. Gather friends and family for one last run...then party like it's the end of the world (Thanks Renita R.!)

9. Figure out Facebook...wait, scratch that, I'd rather be dashing! (Thanks Cassie D.!)

10.  Have any suggestions for the bucket list? Send 'em over via our Contact form so we can post them!