Doomsday Dash

 The Experience

Ahhh, a crisp, cold Saturday morning (unless solar outbursts and pole shifts are occurring like they say...)

Columbus is in the Holiday hustle and bustle mode; motoring around town, fighting mall traffic, arguing with strangers over the last Furby on the shelf (clear sign of the impending Doomsday). Little do these people know is that in 6 days, the world is ending....fools.  

You park near the South Campus Gateway. You can hear the crowd gathering and energetic music playing. You walk towards the starting line. Smiling, happy people are sipping hot chocolate and coffee. Groups are stretching. Everyone is pumped up! You soon realize that you are about to have an a-typical winter day. You are not a fool.  

 The gun goes off. You may be embarking on your first 5k or your millionth. It doesn't matter. Everyone around you is thrilled to be participating alongside. People are laughing as they run, excited that they get to escape their typical December weekend routines for a couple hours. Others talk about the awesome post-race party that follows. Life is good (enjoy it before were all swept away in a few days...!)

Crossing the finish line, you are greeted with tons of supporters, music, and excitement. More importantly,  you have a nice, cozy pub named Kildare's to welcome you. Inside, they have beer, exceptional food, and a few specialty Doomsday Dash drinks waiting for you! As you kick back texting your friends and family to see how mall traffic is, everyone else is celebrating the last few days left on earth. Enjoy! 

I'm in!