Doomsday Dash

 You Got Questions, We Got Answers (Let's Hope)

So, is the world really ending?

Welp, we cannot say one way or the other. However, we figured to play it safe and have one last race and party just in case!

I don't really run (unless being chased by zombies). Should I do this?

Yes! The course itself is fairly easy and "fast". This way, beginners will have no problem and veteran runners will probably set PR's. Of course it will be timed, but we are really looking to have a fun event.

Ummm, it's the middle of December. What if it's cold out?

Umm, yes, it will be cold out! However, you are running/walking briskly/dragging along. You will be fine. It's a fast 5k. Plus, before and after will be indoors. Think of how great it will feel to cozy up with a few friends with some post-race food + drink!

What all is included in registration?

-Entrance into an awesomely fun + fast 5k run

-Long sleeve shirt that you will actually enjoy wearing for the next 6 days (you know, before the world goes bye-bye)

-Entrance into the post-race party with exclusive food + drink specials (don't miss this!)

-A few other surprises along the way

How do I register?

It's super easy! Visit our registration page for more information (including a mail-able form) or go directly to the online registration form.

So I am running but my friend is not. Can he/she/it still enjoy the post-race party?

Of course! Kildare's, the official post-race spot right at the start/finish line, is open exclusively to registered participants. They will have amazing drink + food deals for you. Non-race participants can still go to the registration website to buy a wristband for super cheap or purchase one on race day at the door. Also, if your friend is an "it", we would love to know more...

This sounds awesome! Do you have any other events like this?

Short answer: yes!  Our company, Riff Raff Productions, aims to create fun, unique events that get people outside and truly enjoy themselves. We have a few other runs in the works and will announce those soon. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well as check our site out from time to time so you can be the first to know!

Wait! I still have questions!

Settle down. Just visit our Contact Us page to shoot 'em over to us We will get them answered for you!