Doomsday Dash

Riff Raff Rewards: Probably the Easiest Way to Make Fun Free!

Riff Raff Rewards is a simple program. Basically, you invite friends to participate in Doomsday Dash. In turn, you earn Riff Raff Rewards dollars. These are good towards future Riff Raff Productions events (assuming the world isn't really ending a few days after this race...)

Here's how it works:

1. You register for the race here

2. You will receive an email shortly after than contains a unique code

3. Tell everyone about the race (well, at least the people you would like to see running next to you)

-Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter


-Snail mail (hey, it's always nice to receive an old fashioned letter full of excitement

-Pass a hand-written note under your desk around the classroom (just make sure not to get caught!)

You get the idea, just spread the word!

4. Be sure that when they register, they enter your unique code

5. Watch the Rewards pile up! Starting at $3 in Riff Raff Rewards per referral, you will be participating in all sorts of fun events for free (or super cheap!)